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Meet Teachers

You are in good hands when you study with any one of our faculty. Every one of our teachers have gone through rigorous music training in prestigious universities around the world. 

YouliVocal Features

We provide vocal education to students from all over the world, while establishing a solid theoretical background in music history for our learners.


Professional audition

One-on-one audition with professional famous teachers to promote more understanding of students and teachers


One-on-one mentoring

One-to-one guidance from vocal music and musical instrument professional teachers, patiently and carefully solve professional incurable diseases


Report exam

Debriefing exams every three months to check student learning outcomes


Overall enhancement

From the theoretical ability of music to the level of professional practice, plus the level of cultural courses, the overall improvement


Music study abroad plan

Starting from the goal of the entrance examination, planning the way to study abroad in music, and accompany you throughout the whole process to avoid worries.


Sprint before exam

Before the test, the school test room is fully simulated, and the "examiner" is faced directly to improve the test-taking ability.

Choose US

We understand sound and want to share our knowledge with you

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