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Teaching features

When singing teaching can be inherited in a scientific way, it can be systematized, so that every teacher in the same institution can inherit the same set of teaching methods, ensuring that the methods that every student obtains are effective and guaranteed. At the same time, YouliVocal maintains the teaching quality of teachers, so that the concept of "Teaching system" has practical significance, not just a name. )

The establishment of a set of teaching system includes: training, assessment, teaching quality control, promotion system.

The four stages of the singing training process

Core method theory

Singing is a dialogue between body and mind. The YouliVocal vocalization teaching system is based on physical acoustics and cognitive psychology as the basis of vocalization training, so that the effect of singing vocalization teaching is far ahead of all singing vocalization methods on the market, opening a new page for singing vocalization teaching.

Motivation for vocalization => body movement => vocalization

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

YouliVocal professional training system

Each teacher must undergo professional training. In addition to professional vocalization and singing, there are also credits and courses in different fields such as general knowledge/happy public welfare/taste of life, such as: body development, professional dubbing, overall modeling, public singing, public welfare teaching and other courses, to provide teachers with professional and cultural literacy before entering the assessment.

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