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Coming Together Through Music

Our specialized Is Our Strength

​We strive to deliver diverse curriculum to you, You are in good hands when you study with any one of our faculty. Every one of our teachers have gone through rigorous music training in prestigious universities around the world. 

“Warm up, voice exercise, learn a song” is a boring teaching formula that we reject. In order to achieve real results, we try to understand all aspects of YOU and curate a customized learning plan that matches your personality and learning style. 

We gathered the most elite teachers from the most prestigious music institutes around the world. All of them bring their unique teaching style and philosophies to help students with different personalities and needs to achieve educational goals. Lesson is no longer standardized and repetitive, but a rich, inspiring and innovative learning environment.

Each teacher at Youli Vocal holds a degree from a prestigious music institute. Students with needs in university entrance exams, auditions and application preparation can seek professional and quality help at our school. Students will receive first hand knowledge from teachers who have personally gone through the grueling process. 

Our Talented Instructors

We only recruit the best teachers with degrees from prestigious music institutes around the world,  making sure we are providing the best education for you.

The main advantages of Youli Vocal

World Music School Graduated Faculty Team

Advanced Private Bespoke Courses

Classroom learning is no longer limited to traditional classrooms

Mentoring music portfolios, preparation for music study abroad programs

Choose US

We understand sound and want to
share our knowledge with you

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