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Youli Vocal Education

An Elevated Definition to Virtual Music Education

Our Story

While visiting our school, many singing enthusiasts ask: “What kind of singing platform is this? Can this effectively improve my singing abilities? Can I really conveniently receive a prestigious music education with the best teachers from all over the world?” 

I proudly present Youli Vocal unique singing philosophy and teaching methods, answering all the questions you have.

My name is Yulee, the founder of YouLi Vocal. I used to be a voice teacher at a prestigious school and accumulated ten years of teaching experience: a transformative ten years. At this ten year milestone, I wish to share with you all the knowledge I amassed and help singing enthusiasts like you to achieve your goals. I bring with me a team of highly qualified teachers from all over the world, gathering the best of the best to bring you the most scientific based teaching.

I hope this learning platform can be a guiding light on your artuous singing journey. Whether you have encountered obstacles or you have reached a milestone in understanding the essence of vocal performance, each faculty member will be by your side to experience the journey together. 

Be a part of our school and let’s conquer each step together as we move closer and closer towards the heavenly essence of artistic expression.

Opera Singer

Diverse Curriculum Builds Well Rounded Musician


World class education in your palms

Not only do we provide prestigious quality lessons, we are also equipped with cutting edge technology for online learning.

Renowned Faculty Team

We only recruit the best teachers with degrees from prestigious music institutes around the world,  making sure we are providing the best education for you.

We are always looking for great teachers to be part of our team. If you are interested, click apply to learn more. Become Teacher

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Recording Session

Listen to Our Students

"We discussed our goals before the lesson started and Jimmy asked questions in the lesson to make sure we are learning the materials that will help me reach my goals. Also, he is good at pushing me to finish tasks I feel like I might fail. He uses a friendly tone and insists that I can do it. I find this way is helping me to challenge myself to practice more. He is also good at managing lesson time. He makes sure that we cover all the things I want to learn and don’t go over time. All in all, I really appreciate Jimmy to adjust to my different learning goals and materials and his way of teaching. He also leaves homework and go over them next lesson so that I keep progressing to my goal! I highly recommend him as a music teacher!"

Harold, 31 - Classical Piano

"I have been taking voice for a while and Jimmy showed me some techniques I have never heard of but that make sense. I am excited to learn more from him. I believe having homework is a good idea, and I was never offered this by any other teacher. I can play piano so the recordings I make are spot on. I sincerely hope that we can make a good time."

Jessica, 20 - Adult Vocal

"Yulee is an amazing teacher, very knowledgeable, well prepared, and extremely patient.She has good teaching methods and accommodates to meet our learning goals. I highly recommend."

Claire, 27 - Classical Voice

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