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Jimmy Chen

Graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree on Music production, Vocal Performance and Jazz composition, Jimmy uses his artistry for the Asian community in American. He believes art should serve for the greater good of humanity and he takes concrete actions in performing and educating the next generation.


All vocal problems and artistic issues stem from the singer’s struggle to find the correct balance between the head voice and chest voice, which are the two distinct vocal registers that correspond to the two cartilages that stretch our vocal folds. Any teaching that does not focus on this balance is deemed to be futile. I can attest to the plentitude of teachers who tell me to support, find nasal resonance, expand my ribs, place my sound forward or breath better but ultimately putting me at a place of further confusion. 


In my lessons, I will give you different musical patterns with different combinations of the three elements mentioned above and ask you to observe how your voice reacts to these stimuli. By becoming familiar with the different reactions, you can color a song with the infinite amount of color your voice can paint. 


Musical freedom is attained with hard dedication! You have already come so far, book a session to step on the gas pedal on your musical journey. 

​ Awards & Accolades

2020 - Student Daphne received 3rd place in New York City Flute competition and debuted at Lincoln Center in 2021.

2018 - Received outstanding performer at Florida Thespian Competition

Studied with

Seth Riggs - Speech Level Singing

​Donna Reid - Functional Voice Training

Linda Balliro at Berklee College of Music

Rebecca Shrimpton at Berklee College of Music

Leroy Villanueva at University of California, Los Angeles

  • 1 hr

    95 US dollars
  • 1 hr

    95 US dollars
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