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Yang Yunsheng

He debuted as a musician in 2012, and has published and sung several musical works. And
he went out to study at Berklee College of Music in the United States during this period. Start a business with friends, be good at creative thinking, have rich experience in company
operation, foreign cooperation and negotiation. He loves innovation and not afraid of
hardships. He has stays in the music industry for more 10 years, and has complete resources of relevant musicians, including performing arts brokers, music production and promotion.
Work experience


Sep 2018-Aug 2021 

Beijing Kiwi King Music


Kiwi King Music is affiliated to Beijing Qiqiguo Culture Media Co., Ltd. Located in the “Commune 1958” Cultural Park of Yangzhuang, Shijingshan Dis, Beijing. (Public Comments on "Kiwi Music")
1:Responsible for the construction and management of the music teacher team
2:Responsible for creating the company's interesting auxiliary teaching mode

  E.g:Combining the advantages of foreign country’s Pop/Rock music to develop a Beta version that is suitable for the all-round development of localized popular teaching for domestic children and teenager;
  E.g:Using teaching experience to develop a Chinese and English bilingual pop music teaching system.
3:Responsible for the exploration and implementation of the company's multi-commercialization model

  E.g:The development of commercial performances in schools, the training of commercial performances for students, the connection of commercial performances, etc.
4:Responsible for monitoring and improving the overall performance of the company

E.g:responsible for school promotion;

Use its own characteristics and advantages to effectively improve the conversion rate of customers' payment, and copy and promote them;


Lead all employees to formulate monthly performance plans, and use reward and punishment mechanism to motivate employees;

July 2016-Aug 2018

Stars Shining (Beijing) International Culture Media Co., Ltd.


The company participated in the content development of the music app "Zhiqu" in China 1: Responsible for the content development and filling of "Zhiqu App"

E.g: The development of music matching principle in Zhiqu App

Create and fill the material library in the App, including make new 300 beta songs
Participate in the construction and introduction of the content system of the App, and conduct business cooperation and testing with relevant musicians to ensure the correctness of the App content
Participate in the publicity and promotion of the App after its launch
2: Responsible for the internal operation of the company

E.g: Customer's business reception

Communicate, maintain and follow up with investors
3: Responsible for project innovation within the company
4: Organize the choreography, construction, communication, supervision and director of the major local governments and commercial performances that the company participates in to ensure the smooth progress and completion of the performance.
5: Responsible for the connection of artist brokers
6: Responsible for the overall production of the docking music

Aug 2015-Jun 2016

China central television (CCTV)

Director of CCTV-3 "Yuezhanyueyong"

1: Responsible for the daily work of the column

E.g: Contact the singer to confirm the registration

Communicated with the chief director and write the program plan; On-site construction and guidance;
Post-production of the show.

2: Responsible for the choreography of CCTV's New Year's Eve special program "Sailing 2016"

E.g: Communicated with Langkun, the chief director of the of the CCTV-3

Invite famous actors to ensure the cooperation of stars
The construction of the live broadcast site and the waiting supervision of the backstage stars ensure the accurate live broadcast.

Educational experience

Jan 2013-Jun 2015 Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology College

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