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Jiao Yanan

In the field of bel canto singing, She not only has rich performance experience, but also has a unique teaching method. She treats students with heart and patience, and will quickly help students find singing problems and propose effective solutions. She is a teacher loved by students.

Awards and performance experience

In May 2021, I won the first prize of gold Award of Opera Aria Youth Group in Tianjin Selection Competition of Italy International Music Open in 2021 
In 2020, I won the first prize in the preliminary competition of vocal Music group in the Prokofiev International Music Competition
In 2019, as the only Chinese soprano, I was invited to participate in the concert of Nizhny Novgorod Culture Theater and performed as a soloist
In 2019, I was selected into the master class of Professor Гаяне, artistic director of vocal Music, and performed as a concert soloist.
September 2019 Metropolitan Opera Vocal Master Class (Nizhny Novgorod)
In 2018, I won the first prize in the youth Professional group in the vocal competition « Мы вместе» at the Open International Music Festival of the Russian Federation
In 2018, I won the first prize in the professional group of 24-28 years old in the Open All-Russian Federation Vocal Music Competition
In 2017, I was awarded the 10th "Star Search China" Music Competition by the Ministry of Culture
In 2018, the International Young Musicians Concert held by Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory of Music, Russia, performed Chinese chamber music duet vocal cycle
In 2016, I performed as a soloist in the professor-doctor exchange meeting of Hunan University of Technology twice successfully held a solo concert on December 2, 2015
In 2015, I played the role of Carmen in the opera "Carmen" at the School Song Theater
In 2015, won the "Excellent Award of Bel Canto Group of Undergraduate Group" in the 4th National Music Education Professional Vocal Music Competition of "Zhujiang - Caesar Fort"
In October 2015, won the third prize and bonus of Bel Canto Group in the vocal Music Competition of "Gome · Xiangjiang Music Festival"
In 2015, I served as the guide and lead singer of the large-scale red Song Show in Shandong province to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War

In 2014, Zhuzhou TV Piano Grand Prix "Youth Group Professional Group Excellence Award"In December 2014, I was selected by my school to participate in the second Hunan Provincial College Students Skills Competition and won the first prize of Bel Canto Singing.

Study background and Practicum

I began to learn vocal music in 2009. In 2017, I was admitted to Glinka Conservatory of Music in Russia with the first place in my academic performance. I studied with TS.Stanislavovna, the soprano doctoral supervisor. Good command of Italian, German, Russian, English, French and other languages regular pronunciation, strong singing ability, with the ability to control a variety of styles of works.

I have diversified exploration and interpretation of singing skills and styles, and professional evaluation ability with a certain international vision.

During the undergraduate period, I studied under the soprano Wang Rong and the mezzo-soprano Fan Yating of Shanghai Zhou Xiaoyan Opera Art Center, and participated in vocal music competitions on behalf of the school for many times and won awards. During the school period, I held six music salon concerts, one solo concert and two operas. In 2016, I was publicly commended by the school and listed in the student style section of the school magazine.

During the postgraduate period, I participated in 12 concerts, including two concerts in The Russian National Nizhny Novgorod Opera House, one solo concert, four online concerts during the epidemic, and two concerts in Beijing.

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