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Sarah Cleary

I have been giving vocal lessons for five years and also have an extensive background in anatomy, vocal safety and breathing technique, along with songwriting, toplining and teaching vocal stylistic genre crossing. I often get immediate results with my students by changing posture and breathing. This makes my work extremely useful as an in-studio recording coach to help singers get the best sound out of their voice for their tracks or auditions as well as helping long-term of course.

My Story

Trained professionally for 11 years in classical and anatomy-based voice work.
Writes in all genres specifically to highlight the client’s vocal ability and style. Attended Berklee School of Music courses in music production and engineering.
A Singing Success ambassador and worked personally with Brett Manning in Live performances as a vocalist.
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I frequently teach singers who have injured their voices and work on rehabilitation through vocal therapy from scientific and anatomy centered training such as Body Mapping and The Alexander Technique. Through this I can give my students a sustainable vocal technique that they can rely on, while also working on extending their range, breath control for dynamics and performance such as developing stylistic texture to their voice such as vibrato or vocal fry or whatever the singer’s personal vocal goals may be. I’ve worked with all ages, genres vocal ability and styles. My main objective is to help unlock the client’s vocal potential while teaching safe technique so they can increase vocal endurance.

Sareah Social Video Collection

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